Are you excited for your move?

It may differ what date each tenant has as the start of their contract. Sorgenfriveien 30 has now received a user permit from June 1st. This means that we are working on the final details before we can welcome our first tenants!

We have gathered some information for our future tenants in Nærbyen 24/7, that we hope can be useful.


Unfortunately, there were some delays in finishing the common areas. We also had minor water damages, and have therefore not been able to take any pictures of the common areas as planned.


We have decided to implement permanent slides in all windows for curtains. The slides will be placed in the top end of the window frame. Nylon curtains will also be implemented into the slides.


If you want to move in on a different date than the one in your contract, please let us know at least a week prior to your arrival. We are available for your arrival at Nærbyen 24/7 Monday – Friday 8 am to 4 pm. See map at the last page (Utlevering nøkler = handing out keys).

If your contract starts on a weekend (with the exception of July 24th - 25th and August 1st), we want to give you the keys the Friday before. This will not lead to any additional cost.

You will be able to move in on July 24th and 25th an August 1st between 10 am and 3 pm.

HOW TO GET YOUR KEYS (see map at the last page)

There will be someone at the office in Nærbyen 24/7 from June 1st. Keys can therefore be collected in the administration between Sorgenfriveien 30 and 32.

Opening hours for moving in summer 2021

Monday – Friday – 8 am to 4 pm

Saturday and Sunday – closed

The weekend July 24th -25th will be open for moving in between 10 am and 3 pm.

Sunday 1st of August will be open for moving in between 10 am and 3 pm.


It is not allowed to park alongside Sorgenfriveien. This also includes tenants moving in (regulated by Trondheim Parkering).

You can park in the parking garage with an entrance at the north end of the Kiwi-building. Follow the signs for Kiwi parking. The parking is free if you stay for only 45 minutes. After 45 minutes it costs NOK 35 pr. Hour or NOK 200 / 24h.

Moving in to Sorgenfriveien 30A-E

We will provide three trolleys that you can use to transport your belongings from the garage and into the apartment complex. You need to remember to get your key before you go to the parking garage. You are able to go from the parking garage directly to Nærbyen 24/7. You can use your key to open the door in the parking garage (marked «Nærbyen 24/7»).

Moving in to Sorgenfriveien 32A

For moving in summer 2021 we have decided to advise out tenants to take the car up between Kompis and Nærbyen 24/7, and then drive in front of the entrance of Sorgenfriveien 32. You will find this in between the buildings at Nærbyen 24/7.


A checklist will be generated for your apartment when you receive your keys. Log in to your user profile at Frost Eiendom (please free to use the app «Frost Bolig»). You will find a notification about the checklist that you need to complete within 14 days. Even though these are completely new apartments, there might be some minor damage to the surfaces etc. We recommend that everyone complete their checklist.


All apartments have been cleaned after the construction process, and we will also have a cleaning company to go over all apartments again closer to the move-in date.

We are planning to have the outdoor areas ready by July 1st. Until then, there will be a great deal of dust in the area.

We will therefore offer extra window cleaning in July for those who are moving in BEFORE July 1st (only applies for Sorgenfriveien 30). We will give a notification about this in advance.


You will probably have a lot of waste after the moving process. The containers are located in the square between buildings 30 and 32. We are not sure if these will be ready in time. Until then, we have a container for moving-waste with the code 6666.

For other waste, see map under.