How is the life in Trondheim's new co-living concept

Teresa Castillo Nilsestuen from Bergen studies counselling and adult learning at NTNU, and was one of the first to move into Nærbyen 24/7 in July 2021. After a month and a half of co-living, she was certain that she will live here until she finishes her studies.

You have now lived for a month and a half in Trondheim's first co-living accommodation. How are you doing so far?

- I am enjoying myself so incredibly well, and do not regret for a second that I took the opportunity to apply. Everyone I've met here is really nice.

How is the social life?

- You say hello to everyone and sometimes a small chat in the elevator. Next week there will be a stand-up show on the roof terrace with comedian Alan Drop, and such joint events that take place in the building are a great way to get to know others.

Have you used the common areas?

- I have primarily used the games room to play billiards with my boyfriend or friends. Otherwise, I have used the lounge and brought people from class to read and gather there. There is usually always someone in the common areas, although it is never full.

Have you had any good experiences from living here?

- Ever since we moved in this summer, I have used the balcony a lot, and often eat lunch there. And when I came home from the city a couple of weeks ago, I met a friend of mine who also lives here. It was really nice to be able to come home to people you know.

What do you think is the biggest difference between living here and in a regular community living?

- In community housholds, there are often a few clothes here and there, and people forget to clean up after themselves. You might even end up doing the dishes after others. And that is not the case here. With co-living you have nice communal areas, but you can retire to a separate apartment with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Who would you recommend co-living to?

– Om du er ny i Trondheim og ønsker å bli kjent med folk, så er co-living veldig bra. Siden det er flere blokker, så blir du også kjent med flere enn du ville gjort med et vanlig kollektiv. Og så tror jeg det passer for folk som ønsker å ha litt mer privatliv og kunne trekke seg tilbake når man ønsker det. For min del, så kommer jeg nok til å fortsette å bo her i alle fall til jeg ferdig med studiet.


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