Rent guarantor schemes – the smart alternative to deposits

Rent guarantor schemes are a smart way of obtaining collateral if you do not want to lock away thousands of kroner in a deposit account for years. You pay the guarantor a small sum, and they will provide security to the landlord on your behalf.

Frost Eiendom has teamed up with Söderberg & Partners and its rent guarantor scheme. Read more here.

The cost of using a guarantor is 12% of 6 months’ rent.

We regret that we are unable to offer the guarantor scheme to tenants in the student flats in Voll Studentby.

Benefits of using a guarantor:

  • You do not have to lock in a large sum for several years – you can always access your money
  • You do not have to borrow money for a deposit
  • Easy to do – just let us know, and Frost Eiendom will do the rest

What you need to know about the guarantor scheme

It is not an insurance policy but a payment for a third party to act as a guarantor for you. You will not get the money back at the end of your tenancy, and the guarantee is valid for three years at a time. You must still reimburse the guarantor for any deductions that would normally come out of your deposit. We will carry out a credit check on you.


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