Nærbyen 24/7 is Trondheim’s first co-living complex

You have probably heard of co-working, which is when freelancers and small businesses share an office space with permanent or flexible workspaces as well as meeting rooms, printers and other facilities. Co-working has taken the world by storm as it is a brilliant opportunity to share the cost while still having your own workspace.

But what if you could transplant the benefits of co-working to your home life? Instead of a desk, Nærbyen 24/7 lets you rent a self-contained and compact flat with its own bathroom and kitchen. Included in the rent is a range of communal facilities such as access to a large communal kitchen, dining hall and social spaces with plenty of room for all your friends.

We have visited a number of European cities to find inspiration for Nærbyen 24/7 and are proud to be the first to introduce co-living in Trondheim. We are currently building 157 brand new compact and self-contained flats in Sorgenfri with facilities that this city has never seen the likes of.

What you need, when you need it
The co-living flats are compact yet packed full of features. In other words, you can reduce housekeeping to a minimum while living life to the full. In Nærbyen 24/7 you get your own bathroom, kitchen and Juliet balcony. And if you think about it – what else do you really need?

Only pay rent for what you actually use
How often do you have 12 people around for dinner? How often do you actually manage to gather all of your friends in the same place at the same time? Do you really need a complete home gym when, if you’re being honest, your ambitions are perhaps higher than your push-up count? In Nærbyen 24/7 you can host large dinner parties, organise games evenings and exercise – but you don’t have to do it in your own flat. The architect-designed communal spaces are stylish and the possibilities numerous. 

Co-living is ideal for people who

  • Are early adopters
  • Want to live alone but also like to meet new people. Love company but also enjoy a bit of me time.
  • Don’t need to live big but want to be able to celebrate birthdays and other events without running out of seats and kitchen space.
  • Are sociable and like being where things happen.
  • Have a busy and active lifestyle and want to live centrally with amenities nearby.
  • Co-living is ideal for those who would like to expand their network. You might be job-hunting, a recent graduate, starting your own business, just arrived in the city or simply ready for something completely new.

Live, work, enjoy
In Nærbyen 24/7 you can enjoy a carefree existence, work in inspiring surroundings and live life the way you want to – without any of the responsibilities that come with owning a property. Included in the rent are a large kitchen, film room, launderette, outdoor exercise park and social spaces with barbecues. Life in Nærbyen 24/7 is waiting to be enjoyed and explored.


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